What Are The Suitable Investments for Returning NRI?

Coming back home is a special thing for every returning NRI.

Working hard day in and day out in a foreign land for years to become financially well only adds to the joy.

But any transition is troublesome.

For any returning NRI, one of the biggest fears is adapting to the investment environment in India. There will be too many unanswered questions.

How should a returning NRI invest in India?

What kind of investments will be suitable for a returning NRI?

To add to these, what if you are uncertain about your resident status in the future?

Should your portfolio asset allocation stay the same?

These questions can result in a financial mess if you don’t find the answers.

Fortunately, here is your answer!

Veteran Fund Manager, Mr. Nilesh Shah, is answering the question for returning NRIs.

Watch this video and make a clear-headed investment decision for your financial success.


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