How Should a Retired Senior Citizen Invest for Regular Income?

“Retirement Is For Your Employment, Never Your Investment”

You don’t need to be a personal finance pundit to know this simple fact.

Regardless, investors make a radical shift in their portfolio to “safe” investments once they retire. Ironically, resorting to debt investments & FDs, avoidance of equity market to avoid risk can be risky.

But with interest rates dropping like temperatures in Tundra, are safe investments really safe?

Considering the increasing inflation rate in India; even corpus preservation is a question, forget corpus growth.

If risk is inevitable, how can a retiree ensure retirement corpus growth?

How can you invest to earn a regular income after retirement?

Could strategic asset allocation be the answer to every retired senior citizen’s investment worries?

Discover what Nilesh Shah has to say about investing your retirement corpus.

The veteran mutual fund manager’s advice could be the life-saver to every retiree and those nearing retirement.

Watch the video below!


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