NPS Vs. Equity Mutual Fund: Which is Better for Retirement Planning?

National Pension Scheme is undoubtedly the best investment instrument for retirement from the Govt. of India.

It invests in Govt. bonds, corporate bonds, and equity schemes by evaluating your risk profile. The exposure to the equity market with the long lock-in period makes the right combination.

It is ideal because equity investment is not a sprint; it’s a marathon—so is retirement planning.

But does that make it a better choice than an equity mutual fund for your retirement fund?

What if there is something you are not aware of?

Retirement planning is a long-long-term investment; even a tiny misstep will compound over the years to cause trouble. And you have any So how can you decide?

In our webinar with Axis Mutual Fund, we asked the same question to an industry insider. He delved into the specifics of how you should invest in NPS.

Should section 80CCD tax benefit with NPS matter?

What makes NPS less optimal?

The answers to these questions could change your idea about investing in NPS.

Watch the video below to find out:


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