Financial Awareness

How to Continue to Increase our Financial Awareness?—An Industry Insider Answers

Millions of Indian investors lose millions due to lack of financial awareness.

Be it mis-selling, mis-buying, financial mis-judgements or bad financial decisions: you are capable of preventing any negative impacts on your investments. But it is only through financial awareness.

We have no scarcity of financial information today. Any information you need to become a successful investor a click away.

Yet, all these free financial information doesn’t seem to help. Could it be because of a wrong understanding of financial awareness?

If it is, it could do more damage than help you financially.

So how can you tweak your financial awareness for peak performance?

Is it by keeping up with instant business news updates?

Closely following that investment expert on ET Now?

What you are about to watch may sound ironic.

It may even sound counter-productive. Hence it is not for everyone but the strong-willed ones.

If you are one, here’s the answer to your question: how to increase my financial awareness?

Straight from an industry insider, watch the video below:


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