What is the Ideal Time to Evaluate a Fund Performance?

Choosing to invest in equity mutual funds is a power move in your financial life.

But then comes the moment where you have to choose a mutual fund scheme to invest your money.

There may be an NFO with the cheapest possible NAV price.

Or a mutual fund scheme with the best returns, but there’s a fund manager change recently.

Or a mutual fund scheme with one of its holdings defaulted and yet deliver exceptional returns.

Volatility is an integral part of the equity market. And the only way to choose the right mutual fund scheme is to evaluate it thoroughly. But with equity mutual funds being long term investments, one question remains:

Should you invest only in the funds that have been there for 5 to 7+ years?

There is a saying:

“If you’re out fishing, don’t wait for the ocean to dry up.”

So what is the ideal time to evaluate a fund performance?

Is it 12 months or 24 months?

We asked the same question to an industry insider in our webinar with Axis Mutual Fund.

Discover your answer in the video below:


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