Should you invest in Technology Mutual Fund Post Covid19?

Zoom Video Communications Stock price surged 425% in 2020 alone. Covid19 breakout and the subsequent global lockdown triggered this massive surge.

The technology sector is second to none in seeing such a surge in stock price.

With this enormous return potential, shouldn’t you look to invest in technology mutual funds?

It is only reasonable to do so. But every investor has to keep in mind that technology funds have always been a make or break investment.

So who can invest in technology sector mutual funds?

What should be the investment approach towards a technology fund?

While investing in a technology mutual fund, what should be the asset allocation?

Answers to these questions will be crucial in deciding whether to invest in a technology mutual fund or not.

Kotak Mutual MD Nilesh Shah is answering all these questions for you.

Discover your answers in the video below!


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