Wealth Creation through Small Cap
Investment—Insights & Market Outlook

“Proceed with Caution”

It is the mantra when it comes to small-cap investments.

Investors are aware that the risk and return go hand-in-hand. While this is true, the high risk does not always turn in high returns.

But the recent years indicate that the equity market may be the exception.

In the past 9months, the small-cap index has not recorded any negative months. And the midcap category has a 15-month positive return streak.

The post-pandemic positivity could be the reason.

But is it the only reason? Or is there more to it?

This small-cap & midcap fund manager with 10+ years of experience is giving incredible insights. He shed light on areas that average retail investors often miss.

For example, “small-cap” is a classification based on market capitalization. However, the small-cap category still has several sector leaders—like chemicals, consumer durables, electrical, metals, etc.

Also, the small & midcap indexes underperforming the Nifty50 may be only an illusion from the outside. It is
because of the number of losers alongside the profit makers in the small & midcap category.

The most interesting thing about this webinar is that these are not isolated insights. Instead, these are backed by a strong market outlook.

So, should you proceed with caution?


But, here is how you may approach investing in small-cap and turn negatives into positives evidenced by 4-themes.

Watch the insightful extended webinar video below.


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