how to choose right investment products

How to Choose the Right Investment Products for Your Retirement & Kid’s Education?

You can rent a home instead of buying it. It is often economical.

Almost all of your financial goals have a financially better alternative.

But what about your retirement fund and your children’s education fund?

These are the top2 non-negotiable financial goals. They can never be delayed or replaced. You require proactive planning and a thoughtful selection of investment instruments to achieve them.

It is often tempting and feels comfortable to invest in a readymade “education fund” or “retirement fund” product. But that is for the people who are more of a consumer than an investor.

Since you’re here, I’m sure of two things. One is that you’re an investor. And secondly, you want to achieve these financial goals on your terms.

So how can you choose the right investment instrument for these non-negotiable financial goals?

What should you look for in the investment instruments you choose?

There isn’t many. But if you miss any of these 3factors, your retirement plan or your children’s education fund could be at risk.

Discover your answers in the video below:


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