A Personal Finance Session on Mind over Money - 3

Do Not Invest! A Mind Over Money Session for Successful Investors-Part 3

We dived deep into the pre-existing paradigm among investors in the Part1 of Mind Over Money session. Paradigms that make investors lose money in the equity market. If you’ve lost your investments or afraid that you’ll lose, it could be the reason why.

And in Part2, we broke barriers and got to the absolute fundamental thinking of investors. A Nobel Prize-winning evidence on behavioural economics helped us find the right direction to step forward. If you haven’t watched them yet, you can watch them here: Mind Over Money-1.

But investors realised that the stakes are high and constraints are many to become a successful investor.
Rightfully, in the final part of this Mind Over Money trilogy, we discover an easy-to-understand solution.
Our well-versed presenter unties the myths and elegantly connects all the dots from Part1 & Part2. It gives the investors a big and clear picture of where to go and what to do next.

What’s in the box for you?

Discover it yourself in the video below:


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