How frequently we need to review Mutual Fund SIP

How Frequently Should You Review Your Mutual Fund SIP? And Rebalance Investment Portfolio?

Every seasoned investor knows that asset allocation is the only control they have on their investment portfolio.

Even Warren Buffet, as the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, prioritises capital allocation over anything else. Whether you’re a billionaire investor or a retail investor, the fundamentals of investing doesn’t change.

But what does change is your risk tolerance and the asset allocation ratio of your investment portfolio.

A good year of bull-run? Your asset allocations ratio has changed.

Has the stock market been highly volatile, which it always is? Your asset allocation is off the rails.

You need to do one thing: Asset Allocation Rebalancing. Although, investors face a dilemma in deciding when to do portfolio rebalancing. An investment portfolio review is a place to start.

Yet, how frequently should you review your investment portfolio?

After your review, how would you know it is time to initiate portfolio rebalancing?

These may be the questions troubling you in these volatile times. So why don’t you go ahead and discover the answers to these questions in the video below?

It may be the missing link to your optimized investment portfolio:


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