Wealth creation through asset allocation

Wealth Creation Through Asset Allocation—A Free Webinar On Strategic Asset Allocation

What affects your investment portfolio?

It is almost everything.

There are hundreds of factors that has an impact on your investment portfolio. It may be the market, the economy, your investment capital, your financial needs, etc.

But, being a retail investor, the only control you have over your portfolio is through its asset allocation ratio.

Since it is a universally acknowledged fact, it makes one thing clear.

Given our limited control over our own portfolio, how can you create wealth through asset allocation?

Hosted by Holistic Investment Planners, speaker and veteran industry insider Mr. Gururaj enlightens us in this webinar

“Wealth Creation Through Asset Allocation”

Wealth Creation Through Asset Allocation: Session 1

It is true that you can create wealth through asset allocation.

It also helps to know, for effectively asset allocation, the economic climate and the market scenario.

It is not always necessary but to have a conviction in your asset allocation rebalancing decisions, it is better if you have an idea.

What is happening in the market?

How is the economy affecting the market?

Is the market overvalued now?

What is the Government’s stance on these things?

How will it affect a common investor?

Find your answers and even deeper insights in the video below.

Wealth Creation Through Asset Allocation-Session1:

Wealth Creation Through Asset Allocation: Session 2

Now, straight to the subject at hand.

How can you create wealth through asset allocation?

Even if you actively manage your portfolio, there is only so much you can do. Your financial goals will be practically at the mercy of the market movements.

So what will be the right approach to asset allocation rebalancing?

How can you optimize your portfolio to get the optimal return at minimal risk possible?

Rather than giving random opinions and stories, our speaker Mr. Gururaj shares incredible insights.

In this second session of “Wealth Creation Through Asset Allocation”, he gets to the bottom of asset allocation and shows practical examples in numbers.

By the end of this video, you will know why it is absolutely necessary to do Goal Based Portfolio Rebalancing.

Wealth Creation Through Asset Allocation: Webinar Session 3

Wealth creation for any financial goal meets an end.

The entire series of actions fulfill a purpose. But it is not the same story with your retirement goal.

You need your retirement corpus till your last day alive.

It is indeed a big challenge, because you have to continuously spend from your retirement corpus and preserve at the same time.

Some investors may, once they attain financial freedom, take the safer route. But can this work, considering the ever increasing inflation rates?

How can an investor ensure that their financial freedom is self-sustaining?

Is there a way to do it through asset allocation?

Discover your answers in the Wealth Creation through Asset Allocation-Session 3 video below.


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