A Personal Finance Session on Mind over Money - 2

Do Not Invest! A Mind Over Money Session for Successful Investors-Part 2

Pick any successful investor from around the world.

100% of them will have one identical learning.

“Investment success is more Behavioural than Financial.”

In our Mind Over Money webinar with Axis Mutual Fund, we learned the behaviour gap of investors in decision making. But then comes a moment where you have to navigate through it to achieve investment success.

Every investor has this question:

If investing is behavioural, how can I navigate this behaviour gap to achieve investment success?

The answer to your question won a Nobel Prize in Economics in 2002. With the help of this Psychologist-cum-Economist, you too can work to mend this behaviour gap to achieve investment success.

So what is this award-winning answer to your investment success?

What are the seemingly non-threatening pitfalls you will face along the way?

Most importantly, how can you make simple behavioural changes to make financial decisions like an investor?

Esteemed presenter explains how you can change your “system of thinking” to achieve investment success in this Part2 session of Mind Over Money.

Watch this value-packed video below:


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