How Should Retirees Invest in Senior Citizen Investment Schemes?

Senior citizen investment schemes from the Govt. of India have always been kinder.

Senior citizen investment schemes like SCSS offer a slightly better return rate than the others.

Being a new retiree or when you are about to retire, safety takes a step forward. And all such senior citizen investment schemes start to look just perfect.

You start thinking: “safety with extra returns? Sign me up!”

But hold on! There is a catch.

These schemes are better only when compared with instruments like PPF. But the inflation reaching new heights, and interest rates are consistently falling.

It is a deadly mismatch for every investor, especially retirees. And it is one of the concerns—not the only—for senior citizens.

So how can you, as a (to be) retiree, handle this seemingly helpless situation?

Should you accept it and live on the bare minimum every month?

Watch your savings fade away into nothing with the increasing inflation rate?

Or is there a right plan of action that can save you?

Watch this video below to find out:


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