Liquid Funds vs. Company FDs: Which is the Best to Invest Your Emergency Fund?

Emergency funds are lifesavers. Literally!

It is the only reason you need to park your Emergency Fund in the right investment instrument.

But how do you find the right one?

3factors decide the right investment instrument: Principal Safety, Liquidity, and Return. And the dilemma is always between Liquid Funds and Company Fixed Deposits (Corporate FD).

Which of these is ideal for your Emergency Fund?

Some say, “Fixed deposits are safer than mutual funds.”

Only if you knew Company FDs are unsecured and carries risk.

Some say, “Company FD gets you better returns for idle money.”

We have seen a severe interest rate drop over the past several months. Company FDs are no exception, and they come with a TDS tag as well.

But Liquid Funds, even with no TDS and better liquidity, aren’t fetching great returns either.

So what matters the most?

Or are you overlooking other better options?

Discover the answers to your questions in the video below, as explained by an industry insider:


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