A Personal Finance Session on Mind over Money - 1

Do Not Invest! A Mind Over Money Session for Successful Investors-Part 1

“Do Not Invest.” may seem a little strange to come from someone in the personal finance industry.

Indeed, do not invest, if you don’t have the right investment paradigm.

A lack of the right investment paradigm kills your capital, kills your financial plan (if you have one), and then the worst.

It kills your financial goals and dreams.

A wrong investment paradigm can make a millionaire poor, but the right one can make anyone rich. It is not about your profession. You do not have to be a stock market genius.

So what is this right investment paradigm?

To find answers to this question, you have to find the answers to a few more question.

Questions like, what makes people lose money in the stock market?

Why does your behaviour matters when the stock market is all about numbers and statistics?

The following video is an uncomfortable reality. But if you are to become a successful investor, you must face it.
Watch this insightful video from our Webinar with Axis Mutual Fund for a 180° paradigm shift to become a successful investor.


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